WTF Search Terms: Fetish edition

I had to treat you guys right on a Monday.  This edition needs no commentary.  These are all real search terms from real people who ended up (somehow) at my site.  Enjoy (I guess).  If you missed the last one, Mythbusters edition, click here!

WTF Search Terms VIII:  Fetish edition 

  1. t shemale six fuking movie
  2. shemale tumblr
  3. hot lebrains romantic mood kissing in bed room
  4. pics of beverly mahoods butt
  5. alise piss leather pants
  6. real voyeur shitting mobile version videos
  7. like soft on demand dvd but uncensored
  8. adult sex. com
  9. traci lords fantasies porno
  10. best ass
  11. voyeurs girls beach douche
  12. fuck in leather pants.
  13. pierced crack
  14. grannies pierced and modified
  15. random 69 porn



  1. Hahahaha “pics of Beverly Mahood’s butt.” That wasn’t me but it should have been! Hahahaha.

    The one real boon of the internet is it lets you see just how twisted people are/can be. Let yer freak flag fly! Wooooo!


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