Part 229: Silent Knight

RECORD STORE TALES Part 229:  Silent Knight

In a previous chapter, I talked about my early online musical presence in 1994.  Before creating the Record Store’s original online ads, I also got an early start to writing reviews.  The early reviews weren’t very good, but I definitely tried.  Unfortunately back then, there wasn’t much of an online audience for reading reviews of rare Motley Crue EPs!

I did make contact with a few other music fans and collectors in the area.  One guy went by the online handle of “Silent Knight”, named after the classic 1980 Saga album.  He seemed like a nice enough guy, although I soon learned that first impressions can be deceiving.  He had a party at his house that I went to, and it was cool.  I overlooked the fact that he was in his 30’s living in his parents’ house.  I also overlooked his absolutely massive collection of porno videos.  If I recall correct (and I think I do because the subject came up), the VHS tapes adorned one whole wall of their living room.  Turns out Silent Knight was not just into watching, but also into making.

You can trust me when I say I was more interested in his record collection.  He had a great batch of rarities, including some that I wanted.  He invited me over for a recording session, where he taped me the classic Brian May & Friends EP, Star Fleet Project.  He had this crazy blank tape with a metal shell.  I don’t know what the tape was that I used anymore, but the tape that I chose was shite and the recording was almost unlistenable.  However, I also recorded from him some Glass Tiger B-sides for my sister, Black Sabbath’s Seventh Star, and the immortal “Rodeo Song” by Showdown.

Silent Knight and I had a falling out after that.  He made some antisemetic comments.  I don’t know if he was serious or just trying to get a reaction.  I decided to cut him loose, as I didn’t need that kind of negative personality in my circle of friends.  Good thing I did.  Turns out the guy was a total creep.  I know, the guy with the wall of porn VHS tapes was a creep?  Who could have predicted that?

Months and months later, some time in ’95, I started getting emails from somebody else new to the online world, but having learned my lesson I kept my distance.  Later he asked me an odd question.  “Hey, I heard you totally called the cops on somebody else that posts on these boards!  That’s cool man!  Who was it?”

I told him that he must have me confused with somebody else.  Then he revealed himself to be none other than Silent Knight under another handle!  Apparently, someone had called the cops on him regarding his Wall O’ Porn.  I don’t know any details about what he had in the Wall O’ Porn (I really was not interested in checking out somebody’s porn collection) so I have no idea for what reason the cops would have been called, or by whom.  He said I was his only “enemy” who had seen his collection, therefore I was his number one suspect for ratting him out to the cops.  He was trying to get me to confess with his fake account.  The funny thing is, even after he failed (since he had the wrong guy) he still thought it was me.

After I got over his baffling behaviour, my fury set in.  I told him to leave me alone or someone would definitely be calling the cops.  I blocked him on every email I had and never heard from him again.

And just a few weeks ago, I finally got a proper listenable copy of Star Fleet Project on vinyl.  Suck on it, Silent Knight!






  1. You do realise that we’re all of us, everyone who reads your blog & comments on it, either Silent Knight, or one of his porn agents?

    I suspect the cops pulled him for owning too many Saga LPs!


    1. I didn’t post this in the story…but I googled SK several years ago and I know exactly what he was doing about five years ago.

      He was filming and selling his own bondage porn.


  2. An interesting story about a pscho and NOT a review of the great Saga album NOR a discussion of Winger’s kick-ass version of “Silent Night” (which was clear to me from the spelling). Anyway, that’s a funny (if slightly disturbing) anecdote about this weirdo. Glad he’s been out of your life. I’ve had a few of those in my life, and for a while I expected them to show up out of nowhere like the killer in a bad horror movie.

    So…any thoughts on Saga? I saw them open for someone, possibly Jethro Tull on the “Broadsword & The Beast” tour 1982. Fantastic band and they continue to impress 30+ years later.


    1. I like Saga but want more in my collection! A friend of mine, Brian Doerner, played drums with Saga up until Michael Sadler’s return.

      He told me that when they record, it’s the Sadler show. He comes in with his songs and a clear idea of how they should sound, and the band plays them. I like Sadler. Great singer and front man.


      1. Didn’t know that about them. I always got the sense that they were a collaborative band, which makes sense considering they’re such creative musicians. Sadler has a great & distinct voice that makes them sound like no one other than Saga. I liked the one album without him but it wasn’t the same. Not like Steve Hogarth taking over from Fish in Marillion and making them into a new (and still great) entity.

        Sadler also had one of the great mustaches in rock history.


        1. Sadler looks great! One of the rockers to go bald and look cool doing it.

          Hah, sorry about the creepy content!

          Regarding Brian’s remark, I interviewed him with Brent Doerner’s Decibel back in…2007? I have the cassette here and it has been at least that long since I have played it. I didn’t label the tape so I need to figure out which one it is! Hah, and just last week in another story, I was complaining about people who don’t label their tapes!!

          The Record Store Tales content sometimes only relates on a tangent to a band or music but I hope you enjoy anyway. Sorry about the creepy guy!


        1. Strangely… despite my love of Christmas music I never buy any! I’ve got the odd track here and there but that’s about it. I’ve thought about starting a Christmas 7″ collection though. That would be fun! I started with Cliff Richard last year but that’s as far as it went. I probably peaked too soon.


        2. Then assuming I have the stomach to listen to all that Christmas music, allow me to be your guide.

          I will say that the Steve Vai compiled Merry Axemas CD is essential. Absolutely essential. Joe Perry and Steve Vai’s tracks on there are just…awesome sauce. With cranberries.


        3. I know. But Scott it was like it was MEANT to be, this last trip. All the pieces fell into place.

          I have to say that 2013 has been incredible. Not only did we have the best ever Sausagefest, but the best record store excursion so far.

          So far… :)


      1. OK I just did. Yer gonna have to give this post time to get acquainted with the internets, Dude. You didn’t even make the first page of search results on Google. Some scary things did, though. Yeesh.


  3. Total psych-out! Here I thought it was gonna be a review! After all, when it comes to Saga, you could take all I know and… well, you wouldn’t have a damn thing. I was all set to be schooled by the great LeBrain! Instead, we get an awesome story about some weirdo guy and his porn collection. Nice of him to let you tape those tunes off him, but I gotta wonder: he lived in his parent’s house. The wall o’ porn was in the living room. Were his parents in on the collection? Maybe they watched them too? I mean, who here knows their parents would let them keep their blue movies in plain view in the living room? Exact;y! No one! What a weird set-up.


    1. Dude I have no idea what the parents thought of the porn. I don’t think it was exactly a secret. My impression was that at some point he moved BACK home, with the porn collection. But I never cared enough to find out!


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