GALLERY: Christmas Phase One (Christmas Eve)

MORE new music!  MORE gratuitous photos of meat!

A wonderful family night was had by all.  My sister Kathryn and her husband Martin Melvin hosted dinner this year as they have for the past three.  Dinner was the same one it has been since 1984-ish: fondue.  Beef and chicken.  Kudos to Melvin who did not trim the fat from the beef, specially for me, because I love that shit. Photos:  I gave this Soda Stream unit to Jen for her birthday this year, but we just set it up yesterday.  I an enjoying my first sip of home-made cola!  Pretty cool.  #cupface


And gift giving!  Kathryn and Melvin open their new hats, and I received some new music!  (The Marillion, like Ratbat earlier this week, was a gift to myself from myself!)  #lebrainsdadcupface



      1. Haha on reading that back, I think Mr. 1537 was balking at the idea of meat in general. He’s a veggie, and that’s cool. Respect! I don’t know if I could pull that off – given we only have meat around here once or twice a week, it wouldn’t be a far step, but I don’t know if I could give it up completely!

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        1. Ive never eaten meat or fish in my life, it’s what happens when you were raised by hippies in the 70s – so I’ve never given it up.


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