#473.5: The Week of Flaming Turds – Feedback


The Week of Flaming Turds – Feedback

I hope you enjoyed the Week of Flaming Turds here at mikeladano.com.  When you amass a large collection of music, you end up with a number of stinkers because “hey, it’s part of the collection”.  Collecting could probably be diagnosed as an illness, related to OCD.  As a reviewer, I tend to review the music I listen to more often, which is (generally) stuff I like.  Hence, a skew towards positive reviews.  To break up the monotony I collected some writings about some stinkers this week and put ’em out as the Week of Flaming Turds.  And thank you Sarca for the title and logo.  She rocks, doesn’t she?

Now that we’re at the end of the week I have three questions, so please feel free to leave a comment.

1. Did you like this theme week?

2. Which of the five do you think stink the most?  If applicable, which album do you like most?

a) Shania Twain – “Party for Two” (Getting More Tale #473)
b) Bon Jovi – Burning Bridges
c) Queensryche – Tribe
d) W.A.S.P. – K.F.D.
e) Yngwie J. Malmsteen – Inspiration

3. Of these five, did you have a favourite writeup?  Or did you strongly disagree with me?

Lemme know in the comments below!  There are lots more turds in the collection to go.




  1. I can’t answer which one sucks the most and because of your reviews of them, I will definitely not be buying any of them, not even out of curiosity. Still, I really enjoyed reading these posts. Full marks to you and Sarca.

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  2. I give u full props on listening to the Jovi album..I would say that was my favourite read as U took one for the team! Have no interest in this Jack Ass Outfit anymore…..but I would leave my house for $10,000 a month to paly guitar ….hahaha…
    Tough sledding for U in the Sonics dept through these releases Mike!
    I toss a Bravo your way!

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  3. I love the theme and your using it for the week. Bon Jovi lost touch with REAL Rock ‘N Roll after his “Have A Nice Day” album. Bon Jovi is more concerned about politics now and that’s a shame. W.A.S.P. “K.F.D.” is a classic, man! Blackie and Chris Holmes wrote it when they were pissed off about life. I’m gonna dig it out now and listen to it again!

    Anything Yngwie releases is gold to me. I’m a Yngwie fanboy. I gotta go cuz Shania Twain just texted me. You ROCK, mike. \m/\m/

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  4. 1. Yes!
    2. Not applicable – don’t have and based on your reviews, won’t be getting any of them!
    3. I’d say the favourites would be the ones where you managed to rate them as a 2 – I like when people can find something redeeming in even the stinkiest of stinkers.
    Enjoy the Easter weekend!

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  5. It’s a tie between KFD and Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi’s We Don’t Run song is actually really good so I guess Blackie’s useless record draws the shortest straw. The Malmsteen cover album is actually really good. He has some bigger stinkers in his catalogue for sure.

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  6. I enjoyed (and agree with) your intro, Mike. We do all have albums that, er, disappoint. Like you I’ve rarely written about them (unless there was a good story involved!) and like you I think the bias towards music we share because we enjoy it is a good thing. Many Facebook groups descend into slanging matches when one person’s turd is another’s trophy, that that’s worth avoiding at any cost. Good on you for trying something different though.

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    1. Thanks man! Yeah you can usually forget Facebook for a reasonable discussion of anything. Though it’s fun to read comments on Batman V Superman reviews. (“Just stop thinking about it and enjoy the ride!”)

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        1. I vascillate. Sometimes, I can ditch great swaths and not think about it. Usually this is in times of need of funds. Yet other times, I wants to keeps them all! They are my friends and I love them!

          But the day to day is the middle ground. I am awesome all the time! hahahaha

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  7. I’ve enjoyed this series, Mike – you could say it’s a nice look at some ‘duds’ in your collection.

    Given I haven’t heard any of them, I can’t comment on which I think is the big stinker. However, I’m gonna say that Bon Jovi one has got to be the worst – a ‘gift’ and no credits!?! All the strikes!

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