#626.6: The Big Lists of 2017 Part Six: The Return of the Stats of Doom

TOP TEN 2017 REVIEWS (by hits)

Trailer Park Boys – Season 11 (5692 hits)

Deep PurpleLimitless (591 hits)

The KinksThe Essential (509 hits)

SwordLive Hammersmith (430 hits)

Max WebsterThe Party (356 hits)

KISSDynasty re-review (297 hits)

Deep PurpleTime for Bedlam (297 hits)

KISSMusic From the Elder re-review (282 hits)

Greta Van FleetBlack Smoke Rising (281 hits)

KISSLove Gun re-review (278 hits)

Old reviews from years past such as Van Halen – Zero also made strong showings (1343 hits).  2016’s Trailer Park Boys – Out of the Park – Europe recieved 4753 hits!


TOP FIVE “GETTING MORE TALES” of 2017 (by hits)

#551:  You’re Wrong on Unmasked (932 hits)

#625:  The Last Fanboys (428 hits)

#546:  Worst. McDonalds. Ever. (310 hits)

#575:  The Chris Cornell Obsession (194 hits)

#619:  State of the Rock – FYC! (132 hits)

Strong showing on The Last Fanboys, a Star Wars rant that was only posted on December 27 with only a few days left in the year to rank!  Thanks, fanboys!


United States – 73,014 hits

Canada – 31,064 hits

United Kingdom – 15,692 hits

Australia – 10,969 hits

Spain – 5744 hits

…and 1 hit from Greenland!


Unfortunately, WordPress no longer allows us to view Top Commentators of the year.  Boo!  So instead, you all win!  Everyone who posted a comment wins Top Commentator.  I call it the Deke Award of Deke-ness, because good ol’ Deke at “Arena Rock” used ta rank #1 every year!


…And On A Personal Note

I don’t mind admitting that 2017 kicked my ass.  In terms of growth, in both quality and in traffic, it was our best year yet.  I’m 45 years old and I feel our best is still ahead.  With music as inspiring as it was in 2017, it’s inevitable that I will have some amazing things to write about in 2018.

But 2017 flat-out kicked my ass.  Finding out your wife has cancer, yeah, that’s what did me in.  By the end of December my immune system was ripe for the pickings.

The non-stop support at home has been essential to getting back on my feet, but don’t underestimate your own role in this.  Though I have not been able to respond to individual comments, they’ve all been appreciated.  Every single one.

As we all head back to the grind tomorrow, remember none of it means anything if you don’t take care of yourselves.  That’s what I’m going to pledge to do better in 2018.





  1. Glad your on the rebound Mikey!
    KISS is always one of the most talked about good or bad….Lots of Purple action which is great to see as well.
    BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….My Mug on a cup! Thats Friggin Hilarious!
    Thanks and we are indeed all Winners!


  2. Glad you are feeling better! That Trailer Park one lit up your site for sure. I still have yet to see a show since my TV show watching is very limited lately. Even though I just binged Stranger Things during the Christmas Break. Damn that was a great show! Anyway, all the best and Happy New Year!!


  3. The Deke award of Dekeness!!
    Congrats on another solid year of blogging Mike (glad to see that even Greenland’s tuning in!) – and like the closing tune on BA’s Cuts like a knife album, I agree, the best is yet to come

    Liked by 1 person

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