#350 The Year in Review / Top Five of 2014 (and 2004)

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#350 The Year in Review / Top Five of 2014

Another year come and gone!  Am I older and wiser?  I think so, musically speaking anyway!  It was a great year for music (and a baffling year too, hello Scott Stapp and Phil Rudd)!  Narrowing down my favourites to a Top Five wasn’t all that difficult once I thought about it.  There were some clear contenders so it was more about sorting out the order.  I’ll save the Top Five(s) for last.

I lost two friends this year, both of whom went way too soon.  Both had moved out of town long ago (one out of the country), but we recently reconnected via social media.  Warren was the guy who helped get me started on this crazy journey of writing, being the first to publish me.  George, an old friend from childhood, helped me discover Kiss.  Both left this earth in 2014, and the world is sadder for it.  Rest in peace boys.

That aside, my proudest writing achievement was finally finishing the Record Store Tales.  I had so much fun sharing those stories over the years.  I took my time ending it; I was having a good time.  But I knew there were people who wouldn’t like it; that’s happened before.   Again I’ll apologize to the two who complained, for any offence I caused them.  These two guys were friends from the store, but neither had really expressed any support for what I was doing, and I don’t think they particularly liked it.  I never had anything bad to say about either of them, but I get that they might not like things I had to say about their friends; I totally get that.  I also get that they had different experiences at the Record Store than I did.  That’s fine.  I want to be clear that my experience was mine alone.  I cannot speak for anyone but myself.  (Interesting footnote though:  Back in Part 170, I mentioned that our accountant Jonathan used to talk about who he trusted at the store, and who he didn’t.  One of the people he never trusted was one of those two guys, because of his personal friendship with the higher-ups.  Just a footnote.)

Anyway, I don’t want to focus on the negative.  I did some rough calculations and by reckoning, the number of Record Store Tales that were negative towards the store was only about 16%.

So!  Onto the lists!  My Top Ten Favourite Record Store Tales of 2014:

Part 258: Uncle Meat
Part 264: Garbage Removal Machine
Part 265: A Nightmare on Cocknuckles Street Redux: Special Edition
Part 269: CD Singles (of every variety) featuring T-Rev
Part 270: Star Trek vs. Star Wars
Part 281: People of Walmart
Part 285: Chinese Democracy
Part 289: Tom’s Frozen Beater
Part 319: The Musical Crimes of LeBrain (by Mrs. LeBrain)
Part 320: End of the Line #2 (The Last Straw)

And my of course Top Five Abums of 2014:

5. FLYING COLORSSecond Nature
4. PINK FLOYDThe Endless River
3. HELIXBastard of the Blues
2. ACE FREHLEYSpace Invader
1. JUDAS PRIESTRedeemer of Souls

As an added bonus, I also found my Top Five Albums of 2004 among my journals!  For shits n’ giggles, here is a “bonus” installment of Record Store Tales for you!  And Happy New Year to ya!

Top Five of 2004

5. BRANT BJORKLocal Angel
4. PEARL JAMLive at Benaroya Hall: October 22, 2003
2. THE HIVES – Tyrannosaurus Hives



Stay tuned for more Top Lists of 2014 in the days ahead!



    1. Thanks man! Actually Uncle Meat and I recalled one more Record Store Tale yesterday…tentative title “Bag of Piss”. Look for it in Getting More Tales in 2015. I laughed myself into a cramp yesterday writing my notes. Holy crap. Another tentative title is “The greatest gift you can give is the warmth from your own body,” look for it.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. Absolutely food p0rn it up.

          Oh incidentally speaking of p0rn…I got my top stats of 2014 coming later…top 10 search terms of the year were…interesting! I’ll be posting these today.

          Liked by 1 person

  1. deKEs Top 5 of 2014

    1-Slash/World On Fire
    2-Tragically Hip/ Fully Completley Deluxe Edition
    3- check out Arena Rock tomorrow to fill in this spot!
    4-AC/DC-Rock Or Bust
    5-Bryan Adams-Reckless Reckless Deluxe Edition…

    So Yep 3 new studio releases and two Deluxes thrown in! I know the deluxes are kinda cheating but I have have listened to that Live Hip show from 92 constantly since its release in November. And well they do count technically as a a 2014 release! Ha…

    Also if back in January if you would have told me that the Hip And Adams editions would be in my top 5 at the end if the year I would have laughed atcha Ya and would have told you to roll another one!

    Happy New Years Mike and everyone!

    Also must mention that all these albums are reviewed at my site….(cheap plug!)


    1. Deke! How come this ain’t a post on your own blog? I like your list – it’s got three on it I still want, one you awesomely sent me, and… a teaser? My guess is the new Priest. Will see!

      Happy New Years Deke!


        1. I highly doubt there will be any U2 in the rotation tonight, unless the ol’ iTunes gets put on random play. I’ve been on Cowboy Junkies since J. and I got to discussing them yesterday!

          Liked by 2 people

    2. Deke, what a list! I know you loved that Slash, but #1? That’s incredible! One thing that surprised me though — Hip and Adams deluxe, but not Bon Jovi? I expected that one before Adams!

      Thanks for doing this yet again!


  2. Wow, the Priest! That was a contender over at the KMA, too! Such a strong record. Nice one!

    This is a big year for you, finishing your Tales. I hope you found utter catharsis.

    I like how you included the year’s top posts. Did that come from that email WP sent around? I accidentally clicked on Make It Public on that one, so it would have appeared in your readers for about 4 minutes yesterday.

    Here’s to 2015 at Lebrains!

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    1. The top RST’s are just my favourites. I went through the list and picked 10 that I was really proud of, or found especially funny. But no I saved the stats for the next post (which just went up) and you made the #1 slot on one of those stats!


        1. I Lol’d then – I’d totally forgotten the Lego reference!

          (I’m) Just a revolutionary with a pseudonym
          Just a bar room dancer on my final fling.


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