WTF Search Terms: Celebrity Gossip edition

WTF SEARCH TERMS XXXIV: Celebrtity Gossip edition

WTF search terms are fewer and further between today. But they still trickle in, oh yes they do! This time out, people found their way to my site searching for gossip. Have a look below at the bizarre things that people Google:

  • regina russell fucked by frankie bnali photos

Nooooo.  No no no.  That’s something you could not un-see.

  • did steve perry have long hair once

Yes and it was beautiful.

  • bobby dall sexual gossip

One of those things that just makes you question why.

  • how big is orlando bloom’s wang
  • orlando boom wang

It’s not the size of the boat, it’s the motion of the ocean.

  • gene simmons is a wanker

Gene prefers the term Asshole.

  • geoff tate is a douche

Aaron prefers the term “Stabby”.

  • does joey tempest sings live on stage?


  • fake joey tempest facebook

Yes, there have been a few.

  • is miranda larsson married to joey tempest ???


  • joey tempest shirtless

You’re welcome.







        1. I don’t recall learning decimals for Roman numerals, ever…so your guess is as good as mine!

          I prefer to think of the new one as Episode 3.9, as this new Youtube video illustrates really well!

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        1. It has been so long since I watched a movie without fast forwarding to the actual start and watched the opening and closing credits.
          In todays society we want the meat but no potatoes.

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    1. I don’t get the Joey fixation either. They must be much much bigger in Europe (pun intended) than here. And YES I had to return to Stabby, lest we forget! (I haven’t given him any of my money since.)


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