Sausagefest XII: The Complete Countdown!

There were some pretty awesome picks this year.  I have to give Scottie props for “Coming Home” by Iron Maiden, from the excellent Final Frontier album.  I found some things a bit surprising, such as the overplayed-on-radio “Black Betty” by Ram Jam, placing so high.

“Thick As A Brick” was the live version, so just over 10 minutes.  Other long bombers included all of “Supper’s Ready” by Genesis, which resulted in a tirade by Phil for just as long, about how much he thinks it sucks!  (And he’s an old-school Marillion fan…surprising.)  And of course there were several Maiden tunes that clock in well over 5 minutes.

For your edification, here is the official Sausagefest XII Countdown:  75 tracks, plus 35 tributes.  One tribute for each person that submitted a list!  110 songs over one weekend!  Awesome.

1 Toronto Tontos Max Webster
2 Long Cool Woman in a Red Dress The Hollies
3 The Grudge Tool
4 Rooster Alice in Chains
5 Supper’s Ready Genesis
6 Papa Was a Rolling Stone The Temptations
7 Mississippi Queen Mountain
8 Black Betty Ram Jam
9 Locomotive Breath Jethro Tull
10 I’m Your Captain Grand Funk Railroad
11 Wasted Years Iron Maiden
12 Low Hanging Fruit Tenacious D
13 Green Eyed Lady Sugarloaf
14 Hey Joe Jimi Hendrix
15 Headlong Flight Rush
16 Roadhouse Blues The Doors
17 Thick as a Brick Jethro Tull
18 Powerslave Iron Maiden
19 Bohemian Rhapsody Queen
20 Trapped Under Ice Metallica
21 Nautical Disaster Tragically Hip
22 No Quarter Led Zeppelin
23 Mr. Blue Sky Electric Light Orchestra
24 The Wizard Black Sabbath
25 Mama Told Me Not To Come Three Dog Night
26 Blackened Metallica
27 Jungle Boogie Kool and the Gang
28 Telegraph Road Dire Straits
29 Sanitarium Metallica
30 Renegade Styx
31 Eulogy of the Damned Orange Goblin
32 Throw Down the Sword Wishbone Ash
33 Electric Worry Clutch
34 The Alabama Song The Doors
35 Rise of the Fenix Tenacious D
36 Livin Thing Electric Light Orchestra
37 The Shape I’m In The Band
38 Mother Danzig
39 The Chain Fleetwood Mac
40 No One Knows Queens of the Stone Age
41 Die Young Black Sabbath
42 Bang Bang Terry Reid
43 Caught Somewhere in Time Iron Maiden
44 Buried Alive Avenged Sevenfold
45 Dream Police Cheap Trick
46 Would Alice in Chains
47 Don’t Fear the Reaper Blue Oyster Cult
48 Zero the Hero Black Sabbath
49 Pool of Booze Volbeat
50 Parabola Tool
51 Why Cant We Be Friends? War
52 Rock and Roll Led Zeppelin
53 While My Guitar Gently Weeps The Beatles
54 Breadfan Budgie
55 Strutter KISS
56 Holy Wars Megadeth
57 Old Man Neil Young
58 Southern Man Neil Young
59 The Pusher Steppenwolf
60 Tempus Fugit Yes
61 Fight Fire With Fire Metallica
62 Kielbasa Tenacious D
63 Green Onions Booker T and the MG’s
64 Weird Beard Fu Manchu
65 Tonight’s the Night Neil Young
66 BYOB System of a Down
67 The Zoo Scorpions
68 As the Years Go By Mashmakhan
69 Toxicity System of a Down
70 Deuce KISS
71 Space Truckin’ Deep Purple
72 South of Heaven Slayer
73 Rocky Mountain Way Joe Walsh
74 Roadie Tenacious D
75 Rock and Roll Motorhead
TOM Earache My Eye Cheech and Chong
ERIC Rosanna Toto
BUCKY A Day in the Life WAR
LAMB LORD The Wizard Uriah Heep
LEBRAIN Well You Needn`t Herbie Hancock Quartet
TROY Caught Up in You .38 Special
ERNIE Apocrophon The Sword
SCOTTIE Coming Home Iron Maiden
RYAN Still Counting VolBeat
SEB Demiurge Meshuggah
PHIL Under Black Flags We March Arch Enemy
CHUCK New Fang Them Crooked Vultures
TYLER G. Come on in my Kitchen Robert Johnson
C Time After Time Savage Steel
CHAD She`s a Rainbow The Rolling Stones
DR DAVE Ogre Battle Queen
LOGAN Cowboys From Hell Pantera
GRANT Around the World Red Hot Chili Peppers
WAYNE Inside Looking Out Grand Funk Railroad
CAM Red Hot Mama Funkadelic
AARON High Caliber Consecrator Clutch
JOHN B. I Stay Away Alice in Chains
TAL Dear God XTC
LAMB LAD Kick Out the Jams MC5
ALEX Chicken Strut The Meters
TREVER Volare Dean Martin
FRANK Whiskey in the Jar Metallica
JAGGER Frozen Love Buckingham/Nicks
MARK E. Are You Mine? The Arctic Monkeys
JON K. Stone Deaf Forever Motorhead/Metallica
TYLER W. We Are All on Drugs Weezer
MARK S. People are Strange The Doors
JUSTIN Monsters Blue Oyster Cult
MIKE Monarchy of Roses Red Hot Chili Peppers

The official video


  1. Nice list – in university there was a radio station that overplayed `rooster; for me, but enough time has passed that I`m a fan again. What was the criteria for choosing songs on the list


    1. It’s quite a process! In January, Tom emails out a list of exclusions. Basically song from the last few years, you can’t vote for again.

      Then we all work on our lists. There were 35 lists this year. They compile the votes, weighting people’s #1 highest. I don’t know the exact formula they use. But your top 5 is weighed more heavily than the next 5, and the next 10, and so on.

      The entire program was 13.5 hours of music, skits, tributes, intros, and audio collages!


        1. It’s got some diversity for sure! Several artists/songs made their first appearance this year. Tragically Hip has never appeared before. Nor have the Doors. Nor has Bohemian Rhapsody!


  2. Basically the format is this …. We got 35 lists this year. There were 4 songs that were voted by 7 different people. Since no song got 8 votes, these 4 are automatically the Top 4 songs of that year. The rankings then come into play as this. If a song got votes of Number 1 .. Number 28 .. Number 30 and Number 40 etc .. You add up the rankings total of the song. Among the songs voted for 7 times .. Toronto Tontos was Number One because its total ranking was lower than the other three songs voted for 7 times… and so on. Then there were (Im guessing right now on specifics) lets say 12 songs that got 6 votes. These 12 would then make up numbers 5 to 16.. based on ranking and so on. So the weight is put more on people matching songs than the actual ranking. This year a song needed 4 votes to even make the list.


    1. I find that level of attention to detail to be quite admirable. I’ve heard it accused by some in the past such as Ryan that there is a certain amount of fixing that goes on with the setlist. True or false?


  3. In twelve years .. there have been a couple times Tom and i have taken a couple liberties. Nothing major. Ryan is exaggerating. Trust me. I have tabulated the last three countdowns by myself. And for the amount of time it takes there would be no point in “fixing” the list.


    1. I do remember the year of collusion. I think that was my first year of attendance and also my first year of recording. I believe I may have helped you guys introduce “Where Eagles Dare”?

      I also remember recording a sketch in Tom’s basement about an early sexual encounter…Cam and I did that one. I don’t know if you were there for that one but I think you must have been.


  4. Camping or Cottage weekend? Pleasantly surprised by the range of stuff on that list. Meters, Dean Martin (I have a dozen LP’s) Booker T, Funkadelic, Clutch, early Grand Funk, SUGARLOAF!, MASHMAKHAN!!! (My holy grail) Sounds like a blast.


    1. We are a diverse lot! The only thing we really have in common is that we all have sausage.

      This is camping, more or less. It’s private property with a big beautiful river running through it. But we’re never far from the convenience store!


        1. It’s about half way between Kincardine and Inverhuron. I used to go out in the canoe, and you could see Bruce Nuclear to the north from the water.


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