Top Five(s) of 2013 – Part 1

No bullshit, let’s just get to the lists!  Yes, lists!  This year I asked some past contributors & readers to give me their Top Five Albums of 2013.  Some have left comments with their lists.  So let’s get to the lists — I also threw my hat into the ring!

Lemon Kurri Klopek

5. OST- Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.
Mostly for the Alan Partridge banter between tracks. Insanely funny stuff from Steve Coogan. Some decent music too. Featuring an eclectic playlist featuring the likes of; The Human League, Glen Campbell, Carly Simon, Sting and OMD.
STEVE4. TravisWhere You Stand
Quietly released in August. Solid record from the Glasgow quartet.
3. David BowieThe Next Day
I’m one of the people who like all eras of Bowie. That’s it.
2. Sigur RósKveikur
Love this band. Everything they’ve done.
1. Steve Earle and The DukesThe Low Highway
Some of the best songs Steve has written. This record is up there for me with I Feel Alright and El Corazon.


Black_Sabbath_13Sebastien, whom I first met at Sausagefest is a talented guy and you will be hearing from him in the future!  He’s a musician/ producer/ filmmaker/ Star Trek fan and we’ll be collaborating on something in 2014 for sure.   Consider this Seb’s first guest shot.

5. Killswitch Engage –  Disarm the Descent
4. Black Sabbath13
3. Philip H. Anselmo & The IllegalsWalk Through Exits Only
2. Avenged SevenfoldHail to the King
1. Protest the HeroVolition


Tom is our host at Sausagefest, and one of the Jedi Masters who helped instruct me in the ways of Rock.  Top Five was simply not possible for this rock warrior.

GHOST11. Vista Chino Peace
10. MotorheadAftershock
9. Deep PurpleNOW What?!
8. Charles BradleyVictim of Love
7. AnthraxAnthems
6. VoivodTarget Earth
5. Steve EarleThe Low Highway
4. Black Sabbath13
3. Orange GoblinA Eulogy For The Fans
2. Clutch Earth Rocker
1. Ghost Infestissumam


You guys already know Uncle Meat from his numerous lists in the past.  Please welcome back the one, the only, the man the myth the legend, Uncle Meat.  He’s submitted a Top 8 this year.  That’s cool with me.

8. MotorheadAftershock
7. EminemThe Marshall Mathers LP 2MEAT
6. Vista ChinoPeace
5. GhostInfestissumam
4. The SadiesInternal Sounds
3. Black Sabbath13
2. Sound City PlayersReal to Reel
1. Steve EarleThe Low Highway


NOW WHAT_0003I thought I had my Top Five nailed down weeks ago.  Then, Aaron threw a spanner in the works by giving me the new Pearl Jam for Christmas.  Instantly enamored with this sure-to-be classic, I had to re-think my Top Five.

Then, just two days ago I realized that one of my albums is a 2012 release.  But I felt so strongly about it, that I can’t take it out.  So here’s a Top Six.

6. Queens of the Stone Age…Like Clockwork
5. Pearl JamLightning Bolt
4. Alice In ChainsThe Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
3. Flying ColorsFlying Colors 2012 release
2. Black Sabbath13
1. Deep PurpleNOW What?!

I would also like to give credit to the new self-titled Dream Theater for putting out an album that caused me to rethink this list over and over and over again!

2013 was an interesting and exciting enough year that I’ve decided to do another buncha lists tomorrow!  We’ll be looking at movies, television and more.  Come back then for some bonus Top 5’s of 2013.

Oh…and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  See you in 2014!

FURTHER READING:  Check out Aaron’s 2013 lists at the KeepsMeAlive.



  1. Interesting and varied set of lists there. I thought the Voivod was going to be on your list for sure. Not much here that overlaps with my own year (Ghost might have been a contender for me but I heard it too late in the year for it to rank highly). I still want to get the Anselmo record though, I liked what I’ve heard of that so far.

    And congrats on a sterling year of top notch blogging! All the best for you and yours in 2014!


    1. Thanks Scott and same to you as well!

      Voivod was not even close to this batch of standout Top 5’s, I’ll be honest. And if I had received it in time I think Viva! Hysteria might have made an honorable mention!


      1. Yeah I don’t know why (I’ve not even heard it) but I just had a feeling it was going to be in there. Maybe I thought you were going to be Canuck biased or something! Haha

        I did quite enjoy the Leppard but didn’t give it many spins to be honest. More to do with my listening moods than any comment on them though.


        1. I have a hard time finding time to really enjoy a double album. I really do like to listen to the whole thing in a reasonable span of time. I’ve got the Def Lep in the car now and it’s sounding great. Guitar wise, vocal wise, I’m very happy with it. If Def Lep can tap into this vibe and continue to respect their past, then they have my attention…

          There’s a bit of Canuck bias on tomorrow’s list, you will see.


  2. Happy new year! I was just reading your post, turned to my husband and said, “y’know, I don’t think I paid any attention to any albums released in 2013!” lol, just listenin’ to my iPod o’classic rock on my way to work is doing it for me, I guess.
    Looking forward to your other lists!


    1. Thanks!!

      As one Canadian to another I’ll say this — Get Blue Rodeo. It’s an album they have every right to be proud of. I think as far as musicianship goes, it’s the best thing since Bob Wiseman was in the band…some of the soloing and instrumentation is extraordinary and the songs are good too!


  3. Love top 5-11 lists!
    I remember seeing Kim Mitchell live a while ago and he said “now for some new stuff” – there was an almost audible groan from the crowd. So it’s great to see so many veteran groups making, even topping these year end lists. I’m living in the past with my music project so thank you for helping me keep current!


    1. If it were just me putting Purple and Sabbath on my list, then I’d be wary of my personal bias. But to see others do the same thing I think proves the quality of those releases! These guys are jaded rock bastards, they’re not easily impressed.


  4. DEKEs Top 5 or 6?!

    1- Rush Clockwork Angels tour-ummm it’s Rush and I dig there 80s material ie Analog Kid so it’s a fantastic release as Rush in the 80s is when I first discovered them.

    2-Black Sabbath 13- love the End Of The Beginning and the rest just flows plus it makes me wanna trip out!

    3-Coney Hatch Four- 28 yrs for a followup to Friction and for me it was worth the wait. Solid songs just what expect out of em. Right up there with the Coney debut I say!

    4-Iron Maiden Maiden England- since 7th son is my fav album of there’s and the fact that this tour plus the 2012 tour proved that this was the studio album fav of many. Plus the live tracks included as well(Still Life,Prisoner) ahhhh I long for yesteryear!

    5-Headstones Love and Fury-come to think of it I don’t think I have ever seen a Headstones name drop on this LeBrain (I could be wrong)so if that’s the case let me be the first!’s the deal with these guys first saw them here in Tbay back in 83 and they always would come back to play one of the few I might add and well with Hugh cleaned up they put out a solid little album of tracks clocking in at 33 minutes!
    Hail to the cover of Abbas SOS!

    5 Deep Purple Perfect Strangers Live- now Mike knows my deal wth the studio album to these guys (Perfect Strangers) so the first disc I love. Love the fact it’s early on in there tour ,love the fact that Blackmores wailing,love the fact that Gillian is hoarse, love the fact ahhhh man disc 2 is a bit of a drop off for me but those Songs from Perfect Strangers played live ….mint!!

    6 Harem Scarem Mood Swings2013 edition- well considering Warner’s would not let em do anything they went ahead and re recorded Mood Swing! Now I’m not big on these but for that fact more power to em!
    Solid playing,solid songs,solid production,the bonus tracks are good as well..a decent package of a band ahead of its time or behind the times on how your take would be!

    Sorry to ramble everyone …..
    Now back to my coffee….

    Wish u all a happy new year!


    1. Good call on the Headstones Deke! They have not been mentioned here that I can think of. However T-Rev is a huge Headstones fan, biggest one I know. If he does more guest shots in 2014 then I hereby request a Headstones review!

      Every song I have heard on the radio by them has kicked ass from this new album.

      You picked some albums Deke that I have not heard yet! Harem Scarem, Coney Hatch, Deep Purple (late late shipping from the DPAS) and the live Rush. Mood Swings (the original) was on my Top Five in 1993, so I like that it made your list in 2013.

      Make sure you check back over the next couple days. I’m milking 2013 for all its worth and there’s one particular Top Five coming that you will personally like!


  5. I always creep this site!
    Headstones, I have bought every release of there’s and like I said they would always make the effort to play here when others wouldn’t. So for that u gotta support em!
    Plus it’s a real solid record. I could have flipped it around for Coney to be in there spot but the fact that Coney did not try to follow trends and they too wrote a solid album full of songs.
    U will dig it!


    1. I won tix to see em in 2012 but had to give em up. But regardless I know from T-Rev that they have been solid all these years and of course Hugh Dillon was in the Trailer Park Boys movie and we all know I love the Boys!


  6. By the way I enjoyed looking at all of everyone’s lists,I clicked Aaron’s link as well..good reading considering it’s -41 with the windchill here in Tbay !


    1. Well Deke, that’s why they invented alcohol!

      Hope you get to stay in today, my wife is having a “Sudbury Saturday Night” tonight (in other words, “The girls are off to Bingo”) which means I get the surround sound. And I do own the Rush on blu-ray, just not the CD version yet.

      Got a parcel in the mail today from Japan too, a late Christmas gift to myself — two CDs by Blackjack featuring Bruce Kulick and “Michael Bolotin”.


  7. Whomever this Lemon Curry person is … This person and I share the only dual number one of the year in the latest Steve Earle release ;)

    i couldnt agree more with the little blurb alongside the selection. Took the words right out of my mouth .. And no .. Meat does not like MeatLoaf.


      1. Oh yes. Well i havent. But i think Tom knew who he was at the steve earle bluesfest show if i remember correctly. I think its better than Transcendental Blues .. It really reminds me of Train a Comin alot ….


  8. Full-on kudos for everyone’s lists! This has been great reading. Also, you’ve all reminded me of many, many albums that came out in 2013 that I need to add to my To Get list, so cheers!

    Mike, Purple. Well done. That’s a big one. Must’ve been a tough choice. How did you ever choose between Purple and Sabbath? Damn. Me giving you a spanner in the works? Naw, just RAWK for Christmas!! That PJ just grows and grows, hot damn. Thought: Could you have had the Dream Theater in your 2013 list, and did a special cut-out for the Flying Colours as a 2012? Ach well, it’s all good. You did it in reverse!

    Seb, I wanna check out the Protest The Hero (have heard OF, but not heard… yet). And Tom, with the Ghost up top and Clutch hot on its heels. Fabulous. Lemon Kurri and Uncle Meat sharing the Steve Earle love. Gotta love that man, I really do need to buy that new record. [Asie: Uncle Meat, the Sadies are playing my town in February, small venue, with the Silver Hearts. I have an album of the SH that’s all Tom Waits covers. You should see if they’re in your neck of the woods, or come on up!]

    Deke, I feel for you, with the -41. I remember it well, from my tenure in Saskatoon. Stay warm, Dude.

    Also, thanks Mike for the link to my list. If anyone wants a look, I say get in there and give ‘er! :)

    What an end to 2013! Way to go, Lebrain!

    Now, we all gotta wonder why this is only part 1. If Mike’s list, and many others’, are already here, what could possibly be in a part 2? SUSPENSE!!


    1. And part 3 even!!!

      Thanks man, it was hard choosing between #1 and #2, but I gave them both plenty of listens in December and I am confident that I made the right choice for me. It’s quite a year when Sabbath and Purple release new studio albums in the same year. I can’t remember the last time that happened. 1987 maybe?


      1. A part 3 as well?!?! Oh man, short of putting up two more posts of other peoples’ lists, I can’t imagine what you have in store.

        Your #1 choice has me headed over to the KMA right now to add the new DP to my Get list. I use it as a shopping list for later…

        Also meant to add, to Deke, HEADSTONES! Man I love guys. Heard them on the Bull (local rock radio) the other day and I still knew every word to Something Stands For Nothing. Yeah baby!


  9. I am not going to rank them, but here are my top 5 albums from 2013

    Fates Warning – Darkness In a Different Light
    Dream Theater
    Peral Jam – Lightning Bolt
    Sabbath -13
    Rush – Vapor Trains Remixed

    Additionally the live Rush and Maiden stuff makes the list but technically I have not bought them on cd. Just got the dvds for Xmas but haven’t had a chance to watch either yet. Also diggin’ the new old live Neil Young.

    I have in no way branched out from my personal listening habits but have spent a great deal of time this year delving into the catalogues of some 70’s groups, such as 10cc, Family, Gentle Giant and Be Bop Deluxe.

    Happy New Year everyone!!!


    1. Thanks for participating Craig! I forgot about Vapor Trails Remixed (even though it is directly on my right). Definitely worthy of mention.

      Facebook reader Glenn picked Maiden England ’88 as his #1.


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