RECORD STORE TALES: Table of Contents Parts 251-300

Part 251: Punched In The Teeth By Love
Part 252: That Smell
Part 253: Angry Man Go Boom!
Part 254: You Don’t Need to See My Identification
Part 255: ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas
Part 256: A Case of the Mondays
Part 257: Sexy Beast
Part 258: Uncle Meat
Part 259: New Release Twos-days
Part 260: GUEST SHOT! Sho’ Nuff – The Return of STATHAM by LeBrain and Statham

Part 261: Something In Your Mouth
Part 262: By Your Side
Part 263: METALLICA’s Fan Can #4 (Video blog)
Part 264: Garbage Removal Machine
Part 265: A Nightmare On Cocknuckles Street Redux: Special Edition
Intermission: Walking & Rocking to End MS!
Part 266: This sort of thing ain’t my bag, baby!
Part 267: Singing in the Store
Part 268: Lie
Part 269: CD Singles (of every variety) featuring T-Rev
Part 270: Star Trek vs. Star Wars


Part 271: The Stamp
Part 272: PRIEST WEEK – The Re-Masters
Part 273: Purp Ate My Balls Redux: Special Edition
Part 274: The Hawks
Part 275: Catharsis Second Anniversary special
Part 276: Character Study – HH and Rasputin
Part 277: Sales Tax
Part 277.5: Klassik Kwote – The Dandy Douche Strikes Back
Part 278: The Return of Dan Dan the Box Set Man
Part 279: Record Store Gallery Deux
Part 280: Record Store Gallery III – Furry Friends

Part 281: People of Walmart
Part 282: T-Rev, Mike, and the Neurotic Outsiders…
Part 283: Shopping at Other Stores
Part 284: The Impact of Movies
Part 285: Chinese Democracy
Part 286: Live Bootlegs
Part 287: Closing Time
Part 288: The Lady In Red?
Part 289: Tom’s Frozen Beater
Part 290: The Vacuum Conflict

Part 291: The Old Geezer Who Called the Cops For a Refund
Part 292: Get A Leg Up
Part 293: Glen and Gord
Part 294: Doubling Up
Part 295: That Damn Phone Again!
Part 296: Four Musical Child Names
Part 297: “The World Must Change”
Part 298: Why I Couldn’t Give You a Quote Over the Phone
Part 299: More Journals
Part 300: Manic Nirvana (Robert Plant)


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