RECORD STORE TALES: Table of Contents Parts 151-200

Part 151: 24kt KISS…cheap at twice the price
Part 152: Carnival of Lost Souls
Part 153: Russian Imports
Part 154: Cassettes Part IV – LeBrain’s Tapes (What Remains)
Part 155: Sarge
Part 156: Value
Part 157: The Year in Review / Top 5
Part 158: Shrink Wrap (Video tutorial)
Part 159: The Return of Dandydouche – Dandy Deuce!
Part 160: Harem Scarem – Acoustic Sessions REVIEW

Part 161: The Woman Who Got Her Bike Stoled
Part 162: “Is it out in Toronto?”
Part 163: Hockey
Part 164: “You scratch my back…”
Part 165: Cassette Case Man
Part 166: Anthrax – “Cowboy Song” (promo single) REVIEW
Part 167: Top Five Discs that Got Us in Shit at the Record Store (Video blog)
Part 168: The Constipated Ritchie Blackmore
Part 169: Open Door Piss
Part 170: Jonathan

Part 171: Record Store Gallery (Video blog)
Part 172: The Goo Goo Dolls
Part 173: Gene Simmons’ Asylum Demos
Part 174: Muscle of Love
Part 175: Flyers
Part 176: Trevor the Security Guard
Part 177: Helix – Live! In Buffalo REVIEW
Part 178: The Kooky Movie People and the Unfortunate Emails
Part 179: The Phantom of the Opera, and Paul Stanley’s Autograph
Part 180: Google

Part 181: Jim Carrey’s Clone
Part 182: Overstock
Part 183: Klassic Kwotes X (Final Klassic Kwotes)
Part 184: Alan Cross
Part 185: Staffing 2.0
Part 186: The Van Halen Tin
Part 187: A Day in the Life at a Record Store (Video blog)
Part 188: “Limited Edition”
Part 189: Hiding the Music
Part 190: The Early Bird Drops the Discs

Part 191: Respighi – Pines of Rome REVIEW
Part 192: Mix One
Part 193: Dandy Douche 3 – Scary Carrie
Part 194: Marilyn Manson’s Ribs
Part 195: REZ – Between Heaven ‘N Hell REVIEW
Part 196: Happy Rockin’ Mother’s Day!
Part 197: What’s on the Menu?
Part 198: Promos II / King’s X – “Pillow” CD single REVIEW
Part 199: Hooray! Hooray! It’s Stock Transfer Day!
Part 200: Just Another Annoying Day…


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