RECORD STORE TALES: Table of Contents Parts 101 – 150

Part 101: Record Store Long Weekends
Part 102: Dumped in Barrie
Part 102.5: Coda – Dumped In Barrie
Part 103: Grubby
Part 104: A Nightmare on Cocknuckles Street
Part 105: 9/11
Part 106: My Favourite Aunt
Part 107: GUEST SHOT “Building the Store” (by Statham)
Part 108: Building the Store, Part 2
Part 109: The Summer From Hell!
Part 110: FAQ

Part 111: The Girl In the Sam Roberts Shirt
Part 112: Klassic Kwotes IX
Part 113: Destiny (“It’s Like It Was Meant to Be”)
Part 114: Albums That Don’t Exist
Part 115: The Rockmobile
Part 116: IRON MAIDEN’s Gonna Get Ya…No Matter How Far! (The first 10, in 2 CD picture discs)
Part 117: Promos (Debut video blog)
Part 118: Famous Persons
Part 119: Judas Is Rising In Hamilton, Ontario
Part 120: T-Rev Appreciation Day!

Part 121: Movies
Part 122: Death of an Icon
Part 123: IRON MAIDEN – Missing Maidens! (Live!! + One and more)
Part 124: Design
Part 125: Syphon Remix (It’s T-Rev Appreciation Day…Again!)
Part 126: The Marillion Shirt (Video blog)
Part 127: O-{+> (Prince)
Part 128: Mike & Aaron Go To Toronto (Video blog)
Part 129: Moneytalks
Part 130: The Bargain Bin

Part 131: Quagmire
Part 131.5: The Crimson Guard
Part 132: Tremolo
Part 133: Die For Love
Part 134: Dave
Part 135: GUEST SHOT – Back In A Tracksuit (by T-Rev)
Part 136: BLACK SABBATH, July 22 1995 (Concert review)
Part 137: M.E.A.T (Video blog)
Part 138: Remembrance Day
Part 139: Billion Dollar Baby, by Bob Greene (Alice Cooper video blog)
Part 140: For I Have Dined On Honeydew

Part 141: When We Rock, We Rock, and When We Roll, We Roll
Part 142: Quest For Bill Ward (Video blog)
Part 143: Don’t Eat the Yellow Snow (Video blog)
Part 144: Mambo #5
Part 145: Cassettes Part I – T-Rev’s Tapes
Part 146: Cassettes Part II – The Indi Years
Part 147: Cassettes Part III – Aaron’s Tale
Part 148: Navigate the Seas of the Sun (Bruce Dickinson)
Part 149: And the award for most embarrassing goes to…Puff Daddy!
Part 150: Smells Like Presents


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